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To Win The Money Game

Invested Athlete's mission is to promote financial literacy and understanding among all athletes, amateur and pro. By working with you in a hands-on environment, we will promote knowledge and growth on the subject of your finances while minimizing the threat of those attempting to mishandle your hard earned wealth. 

We recognize the unique position athletes face when it comes to their finances. They are young, have typically accumulated a large amount of wealth over a very short period of time, and will have short careers compared to the average working American, with longer retirements. 

By realizing these unique circumstances, we create a financial plan that will adequately address them while promoting your financial goals and securing your wealth for the long-run. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that your finances are being handled with integrity, so your mind and body are 100% present on the field. 

Our primary goal is to secure the financial future of our athlete clients and manage their wealth in the same fashion as our high net worth households.



We want to empower athletes by sharpening their financial knowledge and building relationships that give them maximum confidence that we are their partners for their financial future.

Client and Advisor Relationship

Client and Advisor Relationship

Together we will create a financial plan and investment portfolio that gives you peace of mind and confidence.  Let us take the pressure of your finances off of you, allowing your focus to be on your sport.

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