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Perfect Fit

We invite you and your agent in to see what we can do to help you. We believe in demonstrating value, listening to what each player has as their financial goals, and doing all we can to deliver clients peace of mind that their wealth and investments are being managed so they can maintain a laser focus on the field or court. 

Client Centered

We understand the pressure that comes with receiving a large sum of money all at once. Especially with the challenges and pitfalls that could occur. We will create a plan to responsibly handle these pressures, and help you avoid conflict that could work counter to your own financial well-being. 

We will make the process clear and dynamic, from defining what you want most, to helping in execution, and ultimately achieving that goal. There after we will follow-up and  provide objective insight, ideas, and feedback where you ultimately choose what feels right for you. 

Invested Athlete is a platform to address the circumstances specific to athletes to capitalize on managing their wealth and planning for their financial future. Let us address the common pitfalls so together we can re-frame the context of athletes and investing.

We invite you to review and surf our site, and welcome you to connect with us via email or by phone at the office if you have questions or we can be of help.

We look forward to launching you on your quest toward your economic goals!

Stay Sharp. Practice Often.